10 April 2009

Room to Read

While I know this post won't directly related to media literacy and youth in the strictest, most Anglicized, technology-related way possible (which seems to be more and more the norm in the world today), I just read the most interesting article on CNN.

Most people don't know, I guess, that until the late 19th - early 20th century, libraries as we know them in this country didn't exist. Books were a luxury, which is why philanthopists like William Maclure and Andrew Carnegie donated money to communities for public libraries.

The author, formerly employed by Microsoft, has begun an organization to provide books to children in the developing world. The organization is called Room to Read.

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  1. The author of that book was the keynote speaker at PLA in 2008 in Minneapolis. He is a really great speaker, and his story is inspiring...