21 April 2009

Forbes Magazine on Video Games

So, the other day, I was searching for something on Forbes online (no idea what, or why, since I'm not a regular Forbes reader) and I stumbled upon this: an article on the most anticipated video games of 2009. I must admit I thought it was a little odd...video games? In Forbes magazine? I didn't think it fit their demographic. When I think Forbes, I think business suits, briefcases and Solitaire, or if you really want to go wild, Minesweeper.

Of course, Forbes puts a business twist on the article, about how "gaming industry types expect growth of between 5% and 10% this year and are looking forward to another strong year in 2010." But what I'm curious about is who is excited about these games? Is their list tailored to the demographic that makes up a typical Forbes readers? Are teens hungry for these titles, too?

Take for example "Leaf Trombone," (demonstrated by providing accompaniment for "Movin' on Up"...yes, the Jeffersons theme.) for the iPhone. Who would be the target demographic? And many on the list are "2" or "3" of a title. Perhaps the suits grew up playing Diablo, and just can't wait for Diablo 3. Oh, and Sims 3 is on the list as well as an update of Wolfenstein which was created in 1981 (Apple II, baby!). For the whole list, check out the slideshow.

We are well aware that video games aren't just for teens, but I have to wonder how a list geared specifically towards teen would compare to the Forbes list. Any thoughts? What are the teens in your life excited about?

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