14 April 2009

Copyright Concerns

As I posted in class, I had never really considered the legal aspects of media education before- I have always focused on teaching individuals how to use XYZ technology, and not how to use it responsibly. The Library of Congress copyright information for teachers really opened my eyes to how little attention is paid to this very important part of media literacy. The site was very informative and fun to use, but as I looked at it, I felt like it was definitely geared towards the elementary school crowd. The information is great, but how many teens are really going to sit down and use this site? Probably not many. So, in my zeal to better educate myself (and hopefully others, too), I searched for a more young-adultish site for teaching copyright.
I was shocked by how much is out there for teachers, students, and for others. University of Maryland has great information, and the North Carolina Department of Public Instruction has information for everyone. PBS has some great information for teachers. Ball University has some great information for students. I also found this site for middle schoolers.
Overall, those sites are pretty helpful. Each has a slightly different purpose, but the information is very complete.
While those sites are great for understanding what copyright is and what it means, there is more to teaching it than just knowing what it means. I found some fun lesson plans too. There is a great site made by some UIUC students with links to lesson plans for teaching copyright to all different grade levels. This blog has a link to lesson plans put up by the National Council of Teachers of English (NCTE).
Although I am not currently in an educational setting for young people, I hope that these resources will help me later in my career, and that they will help those of us who are in that setting currently.

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