31 March 2009

Facebook and Business: Looking Ahead

There's an interesting post on Gary Hamel's Management 2.0 Blog looking ahead at how the "facebook generation" will, or in Hamel's opinion, will not, fit into the current corporate world. Because of Facebook and other social networking sites, Hamel argues it cannot remain business as usual at the Fortune 500 companies. His arguments focus on the fact that the Web has changed the dynamics to a point where where old dogs will need to learn new tricks to attract talent. He writes, "these features of Web-based life are written into the social DNA of Generation F—and mostly missing from the managerial DNA of the average Fortune 500 company. Yeah, there are a lot of kids looking for jobs right now, but few of them will ever feel at home in cubicleland," and is urging managers to take advantage of the creative and interactive nature that is Web 2.0. He has twelve points, things "that tomorrow’s employees will use as yardsticks in determining whether your company is “with it” or 'past it.'" including everything from "all ideas compete on equal footing," to "hackers are heroes."

Hamel seems to understand that the Web has changed more than just how kids of the so-called facebook generation spend their free time. It's not just a game, and it's certainly not a waste of time. It's how they communicate. It's how they express themselves. It's how they collaborate. And hopefully, at least to Hamel, it's how they'll do business.

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