25 February 2009

Society's Overreliance on Technology


I'm not sure who this guy is, but his thoughts about society and technology are very thought provoking, but told in a humorous way. He's being interviewed by Conan O'Brien on his thoughts about how people take technology for granted and feel entitled to it and how we are at a loss when something doesn't work.

(i.e. whenever I forget my cell phone at home, I get anxiety about needing to call someone or having an emergency until I am able to get back home. I totally take it for granted that 5 years ago I didn't have a cell phone and never had one with me in my car.)


  1. Hilarious, and so true! I don't think kids/teens these days have any idea what an amazing world it is.

    Of course, I didn't at their age either...no matter how many times my mom reminded me that she didn't have color tv. Or when my dad reminded me that the milk man would actually deliver milk to their doors.

    You survive just fine with what you have...and then when it gets better you suddenly can't live without it. Acceptance is often a difficult thing to teach. You always want more.

  2. As one whose Palm Pilot recently died, I can attest to the dangers of over-reliance on techy doo-dads. What was wrong with my little freebie calendar from the Hallmark store? The worst that could happen to that was coffee spillage! But now I am calendar-less and clueless! Perhaps we all need to spend a little time as Luddites and take a "no technology" vow. Hah! I wouldn't last 10 seconds.